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what the heck?

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ok, answered a summons to Matthews Law Firm on a debt. OC was fleet, CA then CACV of Colorado. Never heard a word after answer.

Now, get a letter today from Bronson and Migliaccio in New York demanding i pay the debt in full. They are collecting on behalf of CACV. Can they transfer this debt after the suit has already been filed?

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well i was served with it by a process server and it has a case number stamped on there by my county. i filed the answer with the court. wouldn't they have known it was bogus if it weren't? i'm just wondering how the h(%^ you can file a suit against me and then transfer the debt. so will i have 2 people suing me now if i don't pay it? ughghgh!

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I just responded to this same matter for the same person on another thread. I don't know how I but I guess I didn't look at the date...the thread was "being sued by fleet" from Sept. 8.

What happened is the debt is bogus and they could not validate. I would go to the court and see what happended with the case to make sure it was dismissed...I suspect you do not live in NY? If not maggliuccio or whatever his name is can not sue you ...he can only try to use his italian mafia sounding name and the esq to intimidate..

I'm pretty sure it was dismissed once you answered and sent right out to a NY attorney before you had the chance to call them out on it.

Since they could not validate once already they can not ever. I would send a validation letter and clearly state that this case was dismissed once already and send the proof you were given from the court.

State that in order for CACV to collect on this debt they must first provide the validation. State that this is not the first time you have requested CACV to provide validation therefore CACV is deliberately violating the FDCPA and if any further attempts are made by CACV or any other appointed attorney or collector assigned by CACV you will consult an attorney to protect you of your legal rights and resort to any remedy available to you to resolve this matter.

Send it to the attorney and cacv CMRRR.

First look into the court where you filed the answer...these guys are sneaky..but I'm sure they dropped the case and reassigned without the chance of them being questioned. It happens all the time...accounts get bounced around all the time if the collector feels he can get in trouble for something he has done.

I have a really good FDCPA violation letter and demand for $0.00 settlement with all CRA's instructed to delete the TL.

You have a very good chance since they know you filed an answer already and they will now know they are breaking the law and that you too know it. CACV most likely bought this debt for a 10-15 cents on the dollar....it would be in their best interest to delete the account rather than mess around with someone who obviously knows what they are doing and possibly get sued and take a larger loss.

You may want to look at the reply I just posted on the other thread "being sued by fleet" to see if any of that info. may be of value...

I love these cases...these people are so desperate and to watch how they operate is just so blatantly scandalous...I have no idea how they make any money at all. What a waste of a law degree!!

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