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Help me help a friend (I'm a newbie)


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Friend was impressed with what I've learned from the people here at CIC and asked for help.

In 9/2001 received a Providian card but never called to activate it. She never received any bills either. Got all 3 CR's and account is showing as:

Credit Limit $600

High Balance $629

Amount Owed $629

She disputed on-line with the CRA's around 9-5. Received TU and now account shows:

Credit LImit $0

HIgh Balance $0

Amount Owed $0

Collection account

Account sold to Great Seneca

How should we proceed with this? Should a letter be sent to Providian and what should it say? She has not received a dunning letter from Great Seneca either - can they still be DV'd?

(I may have posted this in the Lawyers forum in error - sorry)

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First thing I would do is find the name and contact address of a high level executive or client relations supervisor. Explain to them in the letter that you never used nor even activated the card and were distressed to find this blemish on your credit with no formal contact from them in reguards to the account. Tell them that you want this record deleted off of your report as you never used the card and thus the charges can only be assumed to be fradulent.

Send the CA a DV.

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