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Do I DV Now?/ Never was contacted by CA but its on my report

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  • 2 weeks later...

Its 30 days from when YOU learned of the claim. That would be the day you got your CR and saw the entry. So DV them with C+D even though they haven't actually contacted you.

Even the 30 days from when YOU find out isn't totally cast in stone, but they have to V the DV anytime you ask, the 30 day issue really only impacts them stopping all collection activity UNTIL they comply with DV.

You seem most interested in the V part....something you can require anytime, and they MUST comply with it.

While you are at it, dispute the entry with the CRA, and see the feedback activity by hte CA since you are coming at them in two directions... directly, and backdoor through CRA verification path. Many more opportunities for them to screw up.


Rhode Island Dispensary

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