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where do i start?


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I am new here and I need advice. I and dh have alotta debt. We have just come into some money and would like to settle as many debts we can for the lowest we can.. I just don't know where to start?

2 I havent paid on since Jan 2 I paid 2 months then stopped and one I just paid a payment last week when I called to ask about settle ment

I have contacted a few companies and they have been doing mostly 65% but they will not budge on " agreed as paid" I am really worried about what this will do at tax time. How do I know I am getting the best deal? Should I be sending out DV letters first if so it there a sample letter i should follow. Most of the cc are within the last 4 years. Any advice appreciated.

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MNBA 1200. no payments since Mar/05 then made 1 payment of 75.00 on 9/24

CHASE 6200. since Mar/05 One payment in June

CHASE 6300. no payments since Mar/05 They are sending corrospondence from JPMORGAN LEGAL DEPT.

GE 7100. since Mar/05 one payment in June they are with ARM-anagement

HSBC 2800. No payments since Mar/05 They are with Creditors Interchange

Bank One 12000. No payments since Mar/05 They are with Valentine and Kebartas Inc

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HSBC Creditors Interchange should accept 30-40%.

GE normally will go as low as 35-45%

MBNA if the account is still in house they will offer 30% no problem.

Bank One is now Chase. All 3 acounts after charge off should qualify for 35-40%.

Do you live in Florida?

I normally see JP Morgan legal dept. if the client lives in Fl. and still they will accept 40%.

Anyway, if the accounts were just placed with the CA they will play hardball at first but after they realize that you are playing right back they will accept less. They will always offer 65% at first and make it sound like the deal of the century but once they know you're not fooling around they will ensure their paycheck before the account is recalled by the OC and take what you are offering.

Do not appear weak and when you speak to them do not allow them to take control of the conversation. IF they threaten suit tell them they are noit attorneys therefore they cannot threaten to sue and thank them for breaking the law. If I were a consumner I would tell them I was recording the call. THis way, they are on their best behavior.

Do not accept less than 40% on any of these accounts.

If you need me for anything else either PM me or respond to this thread.

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