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SOL on checking overdraft acct

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I was doing a search for information on sol of OD protection acct. Mine is a CO acct on CR $4995. The below makes sense except that I did sign somthing as well.

"Open Ended usually refers to credit cards since the date it goes into default is when the SOL starts. This would be the correct SOL to apply to an overdraft protection account"

Also the dates on my report don't make sense either. The TL reads as date open 11/02 and closed 4/04. I have documentation that the OD account was opened in 2000. And as far as it being closed 4/04, I am pretty sure that the checking account this was linked to was closed in '02, as well wouldn't the 180 days apply from the ftc re: when it has to be written off, so I figure the closed should read sometime in '03. Also the paperwork I have states the OD was "under seal". In AZ written SOl is 4 years if entered into outside of AZ (did so in MA)

So to summerize need help figuring SOL even if dates are wrong.


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