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Unpaid Tax Leins


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Unpaid tax liens can report indefinitely on your credit report. However,..there is a chance that the IRS (if they're federal) will deem the amount in question uncollectible and release it in 10 years. This is assuming they don't think they can get it from you otherwise.

After that it would show a released date and 7-10 years *after* it was released it would fall off of your report.

So let's say the lien was filed in 2000 and you never paid it,...in 2010 the IRS might release it...then in 2017-2020 it would fall off of your credit report.

Let's also say you paid it tomorrow, so it would have a release date of 10/2005 and would be due to fall off of your report in 7-10 years.

Does that make sense? I don't know how it works with state, county etc..and what I said is true to the best of my knowledge, perhaps others will have some insight for you.

Good luck:)

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