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I told ERC to pound sand


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Back in February I got a collection letter from Enhanced Recovery Systems. I sent a DV letter and didn't hear back from them. That is, until last week they started calling and left 2 messages a day on my answering machine. Today I answered their call because I was in a bad mood.

I listened to the man's spiel and then said STOP! I sent you a validation letter back in February and you never responded. Guy started playing dumb "What's a validation letter?" "Who did you send it to?" I told him if he didn't know what a validation letter was, he was in the wrong job. Said I sent it to them, certified, return receipt, I had the signed green card in front of me.

Started his spiel again and asked how I planned to settle the debt. I said that his call (and all the other calls I have recorded on my ans. machine) were against the law and that he cannot communicate with me until they validate the debt. The guy said there was no such law.

I then said, "Oh, by the way, this phone call is being recorded. And you can go pound sand."

He hung up before we could continued our conversation.

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