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I applied at a CU. They pulled my credit. I wanna copy!


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The FCRA says that the consumer is entitled to the information in their report. It doesn't say that a user of reports has to provide you with the one they pulled.

1681e, Subsection 607© "Disclosure of consumer reports by users allowed. A consumer reporting agency may not prohibit a user of a consumer report...from disclosing the CONTENTS of the report to the consumer, if adverse action...has been taken by the user..."

1681g, Subsection 609© "Summary of Rights to Obtain and Dispute Information in Consumer Reports...(i) the right of a consumer to obtain a copy of a consumer report...FROM EACH CONSUMER REPORTING AGENCY..."

Creditors comply with this by providing the written notice explaining how, and where they got their data (the CRA's). The consumer is supposed to follow up and obtain their copy from the CRA's, not from the creditor.

The user uses their electricity, equipment, paper and personnel to pull a report for their business needs. The physical report belongs to them and they are contractually bound not to provide reports to consumers for informational purposes (they don't qualify as re-sellers of reports under the FCRA). But the information is about you and you are definitely entitled to it. Instead of asking for a copy, why not ask to read it, at their convenience? They might allow you to copy some things on another sheet of paper, or they might refuse and direct you back to the bureaus.

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