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Portfolio Acquisitions LLC anyone else w/problems w/this CA?


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Here's my situation....I sent out DV letter to various CA's, Portfolio Aquisitions is one of them. They recieved CRRR on 9/30/05, then I recieve True Credit alert that I have had major derogatory on my Experian report reported. Portfolio Acquisitions reproted me on 10/07/2005. I have no idea what this debt is for, (I know that people say that all the time, however, I really have no idea who Direct Marketing is (OC))

Furthermore, I live in Florida, Orange County, and I looked them up to see if they are licenced, which they are not in the state of Florida for Collection Agencies.

My questions are #1......obviously they are violating the FCRA for Defamation of Character...US Court of Appeals, 9th Circut, No 00-15946, Nelson vs. CHase, FCRA section 623, FDCPA Section 807 (8), and FCDPS 809 (B), when time is up, 30 days + 15 days cease and desist, can I take them to small claims court in the county I live in if they operate in Deluth GA?

#2...If I can, do I state my suit as being for Deafamation of Character, then bring up all the violations they made? (If you launch you suit and put a specified amount for damages they charge you according to the damages, up to $5000.00 is $255.00 for filing)

#3. If I do go to court is there some other way for them to squirm out and present any laws I may not be privy to? (Just want to be prepared, and have all my facts in a row)

#4. If I am successful in the suit and I win the case, how do I put judgement against them in a different state?

Sorry, I had another CA do the same thing, National Recovery Agency, and I want to know where I stand, and not be putting together all my information at the last minute.

Appreciate all your help guys! I thought I had everything down, then this happened, feel like an idiot, thinking I can take on these people, wondering if I did something wrong?!?!? 2nd guessing myself I guess.......I was afraid this would happen....lol

Thanks Guys!

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