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Ever had "Collector v. Consumer" on a dunning lett

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In reading my purty new NCLC manual, I see this:

"A collector misrepresents the legal status of the debt by sending a letter with a legal caption, such as "Collector v. Smith", which implies that a lawsuit has been filed and violates this provision if the implication is false."

Johnson v. Ardec Credit Services, Inc. 1984 US Dist. LEXIS 24889 (ND Ga. Mar. 21, 1984); Williams v. Rush, Cutis & Assosc., Clearinghouse No. 29,394 (ND Ga. Dec. 13, 1978); Clement, FTC informal staff letter (Nov.12, 1985). See also Crossley v. Lieberman, 868 F.2d 566 (3d Cir. 1989); Nixon, FTC informal staff letter (Feb.14, 1989).

I hear Midland Credit does this on their fake-o affidavits. Shhhhh. :wink:

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