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New and Very Discouraged


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Hello all,

I am new to this board and since getting a copy of my credit report I am very discouraged.

My short story:

2 public records - 1 paid- filed by former landlord, I went to court, hey didn't show up or win the case. I agreed to pay which I did and now I have this on my public record.

1- tax lien for wrong amount (The IRS kept some of my refund and used it towards this lien) Both of these are in NYC, so the SOL is 10 years.

1- Chargeoff from Spiegel (which no longer has a card, FCNB went bankrupt) I keep getting calls and settlement letters from the CA about this matter.

Applied Bank Card- don't recall ever having this account in 2003.

HSBC-from 2003- says credit card was lost or stolen on CR

Capital One- Reporting 1 old account from 2003 which was closed by creditor.

AFNI for Sprint-Collection.

12 inquiries

Unemployment related:

HSBC- 120 past due from unemployment

I have a more recent account with them as 90 days past due.

Student Loans 90 days past due.

60 Days late Bank of America, GMAC.

Plus I am engaged and my fiance is telling me that if we got married my credit will ruin his credit. His credit score is 780.

I was seriously considering going with Lexington Law Firm or Credit Xperts just because this has depressed me so much.

Where do I start?


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Well IMO -- you can help yourself before going to a "repair" agency. Start here and read read read everything you can about credit. Once you get the jist of it all and know some basic knowledge you can start to clean up your report. Its a process but its possible. 3 years ago my score was in the 500's. I've started in the last year or so and its improved even with a mistake here and there. Just be patient.

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First of all, welcome.

I'm in NYC, and paid judgments come off your credit report in 5 years in NYS. I have 3 of them on my CR, all due to come off in 2007, all paid in 2003 and all rendered in 2002.

The others, just keep at it, read everything on this site and begin your long journey into credit repair/rebuilding. Good luck!

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Plus I am engaged and my fiance is telling me that if we got married my credit will ruin his credit. His credit score is 780.

That is totally false.

When I got engaged, my wife’s credit sucked big green donkey [EXPLETIVE DELETED].

I had a couple of negative credit items but still had a score of around 630. I was able to get a house and do some bills consolidation loans. Now I have a second house.

Nothing from my wife’s bad credit impacted what I was doing. Her credit still sucks big green donkey [EXPLETIVE DELETED] but that is because she hasn’t done any credit repair on it.

But it had ZERO impact on me. Today, my credit is spotless and doesn’t have a single negative item on it. So two years of marriage hasn’t done anything to my credit (except get me more debt).

Now I can understand that there is an inherent fear that you will do something to “ruin” his credit. But that is an action on your part. You would have to do something to trash his credit but your bad credit alone has nothing to do with it.

For example, if you have joint accounts or if you end up paying the bills but don’t make any payments, then yes, you will ruin his credit.

But by marriage alone, that is bogus. Nothing is going to happen.

And don’t get depressed by this. Tell him that you will keep everything separate (which is what I did) and NOTHING will impact his credit as along as everything is separate. That alone will probably calm his fears. But you also got to explain to him that just marriage alone has ZERO impact on credit (debt may be a different story).

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I agree with Ravenous Wolf here on this one 100%. When I got married, both our credit was bad. My friend told me the same thing. Good credit marrying bad credit makes it bad for the person with good credit. Of course I believed her till I started my credit repair. Now I repaired my credit some, applied separately from hubby and got approved for a credit card. Hubby's credit stayed the same. So it does not impact as long as you keep your credit separate.

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