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I guess I put my cart before the horse...

have 3 medical accts listed as OPEN on ACCT summary section of CR.

I apparently misread info about "OPEN" med accts, acct status it says, coll acct. I filed a report with FTC, already.....I thought I had been violated,3 times... all other coll accts say closed,(some are not paid)HELP...


after i called the CFO/banking dept for fl. they suggested calling CRA, to

let them know....CRA says it is OK to report it like that....

what do I do now? :oops:

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sorry for the confusion...

problem was/is have 3 "open" medical accts on CR, after things I had read, I thought it was illeagel to report them....so, I fired off 3 complaints to FTC about this company...(thinking I had been violated) After speaking to diff depts of Fl gov this morning and calling CRA- what this CA has listed on my report IS legal, because, in notation it says "collection acct".

I Thought I had done something illeagal by filing the complaint with the FTC...(I did that BEFORE talking to CRA)

SO, now I will start over, and do the 1-2 punch on this company, I didn't DV because they had already verified 1 of these accts on 3/17/05.(which I thought was another violation)

But, On a brighter note, I did get 2 "deletions" today on other accts..

Again, Im sorry for the confusion.Like alot of people, I just got impatient.

thanks again,


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