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what is Mediation? Same as Arbitration?

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In theory, mediation is when everybody sits down and together agrees on a solution...arbitration is when the arbitrator listens to both sides and decides who wins.

Its hard to tell if the mediator is related to the plaintiff...often, lawyers get mediators to help intimidate non-lawyers. In other words, you're made to feel like the mediator somehow know more about what's right and wrong than you do...so you tend to agree to what he says.

It could also be that the court has ordered mediation in an attempt to get things settled out of court.

Hard to tell if this is good or bad for you....

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I was wondering, I recieved this message " stating, it has come to their attention that either I have been served or about to" dated the day that the summons was supposed to get to me. Thanks Willingtocope. Do you suggest something like this if I cannot get a lawyer to assist me? It's a collection account that I began to pay but quit do to not knowing where my money went, asked for validation, never recieved it.

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