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Am I dumb?


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I had an old Doctor bill. I thought my insurance covered it. I never heard from them. When I got a copy of my credit report I had a collection account from that dr office. I called the dr office who referred me to the CA. I never heard from the Dr office or CA but for then. I went to the CA and paid it that day. Well, I wrote them (Alliance, who i thought were a local company and really nice) a ltr. I told them that I didn't know I owed anything and never received anything from them. I told them If I had I could of taken care of it before it was late or reported to the Credit agencies. I asked them really nice to delete it from my report. I never heard anything back.

Was I just dumb or what? What do I do know? PS the dr gave me a bill and my insurance didn't cover it and I did owe it BUT never knew it. Am I just screwed for 5 more years til it drops off?

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