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What should I do now?


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I had a paid CA on my EX listed twice (1 with correct acct #, 1 w/a incorrect #, CA said they don't know what that # is) and its on my TU w/ the wrong acct #. I disputed them. came back updated. I called them and said I dispute it for a 2nd time and need them to delete the duplicate. BUT, i dispute the one with the correct acct # and they deleted it. Now, I have it listed on my EX and TU with an incorrect acct #. I was going to send the CA a ltr , say third attempt to remove these duplicate acct's, send them a ltr to sign saying that this incorrect acct # is not an accurate acct and to delete it. Then, mail that to the Credit agencies. OR, should I dispute it with the CA or CB and ask for a MOV? ALSO, I don't want them to view my report (permissive purposes)and see that real acct was deleted. Can I put in a fraud alert? would they be able to see it if I did that?

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