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Getting late payment removed from my CR-Mortgage


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I am new to the board, but am trying to clean up my credit. I had a late payment in May on my Wells Fargo mortgage. 30 days..

I see a lot of you attempt to get them removed, and would like to try. How do you do it? Do you call? If so where? Just the regular customer service line?

Or do you write letters requesting it removed? It was a legit late, do I admit that to them or tell them it was a mistake on their behalf?

Thanks for any advice! 8)

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You can try calling their customer care number, but don't get your hopes up there. The CSRs that handle the call will likely take the stubborn position that they have to report it.

First let me set the record straight. They do not have to report it. Credit reporting is 100% voluntary. There is no law whatsoever that makes it mandatory for a furnisher to report your credit history. NONE. The only law there is says that what they choose to report must be completely accurate (The Fair Credit Reporting Act).

So don't let the phone monkey put you off. If calling doesn't get results, you can try writing a nice letter to the CEO of the company. Let him know you've been a good customer for a long time and that this one slip up is causing you a world of problems. In the letter remind that reporting is voluntary. The CEO may or may not be in a mood to deal with it. Some upper-crust management don't like to have matters such as this escalate to their level and end up giving the lower CSR that refused to help a good dressing down.

You may or may not get results off of this. The biggest issue in your situation is that what they are reporting isn't wrong. So legally they are allowed to report it. But it never hurts to ask.

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I had a similar situation with Wells Fargo.

You call the customer service line and they will transfer you to the correct department to log your request. If you admit that you were late they will end the call immediately and will send you a rejection letter as soon as they hang up. (My brother in Law is a VP at HQ, he told me they never do goodwill CR removal - he couldn't even affect the removal of my one late payment - fortunately -They were wrong for not debiting my checking account in error.) The Wells Fargo credit reporting department actually knows they don't have to report lates - they happily inform you that their company policy is to accurately reports all accounts and payments (Too bad for you Mr or Ms. Consumer! )

DON'T blame them, that will really make them research your request with a fine tooth comb. The only chance you have of a courtesy removal is if

1. Your loan is more than 2 years old with no other lates,


2. You have to blame the postal service. Did you date the check before the date it was due? How late was the payment - 1 day, 5 days, 31 days?

Wells Fargo has automated imaging on all payments which means they can retrieve the font and back of your check in about 30 seconds. I am told they are now imaging the outside of the envelopes as well.

Technically, if your payment was mailed before it was due then they are not supposed to report you for being late. This is a rare technicality that almost never works anymore. The reason is that they call you on the 14th day of the grace period and send several late notices before your are actually 30 days late. If you actually spoke to someone they have a record of the call and they've got you. If not, then they cannot verify that you ever got a timely notice that your payment was not received and are more inclined to grant your request.

There is one ace you have, Wells Fargo is terrified of the Attorneys General in all the states because they have screwed up so many mortages, consumers, and accidentally broken so many laws during the last five years of their massive expansion of their mortage business that there are on the **** list of every AG in America. If you play the postal error up correctly this could be the only help you would get from the AG office.

Once you request an investigation at Wells Fargo, you must originate an investigation with all FOUR Credit Bureaus. Wells Fargo also reports to Innovis as well.

Think this over carefully and Tread lightly and you might be able to clear this late.

Good luck.

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