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Amex Platinum - Affect FICO??

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Question, I know credit used vs aval. credit is a major factor in scoring... If i have a no limit amex platinum card it doesnt post a "LIMIT" under the card details, so maybe it registers as a full balance or on the limit? The card has no pre-set limit, maybe I can call and set it to $50,000 or something so my revolving balance is always low? Any other ideas?

Also, payment worrys me also, Amex Platinum has to be paid in full every month, I'll use last months report as an example. Does having a $6710 balance with a $6710 payment also hurt my FICO?

Any help on either of these subjects would help? Thx

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Amex used to report your max. balance (the highest balance you ever carried on this account) as your credit-line (that's what they used to do on their gold-cards...).

I don't think this "high-payment" should be an issue since payment-amounts are not being used to calculate your fico (only balance/debt ratios..). In addition to that, Amex Platinum is no credit-card, so potential lenders should know the situation.

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