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LA times story on the NAF need your help!!!


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A reporter for the LA times is doing an expose about the National Arbitration Forum. He has spoken to an attorney I work very close with, who represents clients in the debt settlement industry and with several other attorneys. Each has shared information on the Forums bias in favor the creditors/ claimants. He would like to speak to people that have experienced problems while dealing with the National Arbitration Forum during the arbitration process and resulting litigation and/ or collection afterward. He needs hardship stories directly from consumers.

Below are some areas the reporter has thought would be good to bring to light however, please contribute ANYTHING you can think of that highlights the problems the NAF Arbitrations create for people.

1. clients who were levied on with no notice 2. clients who suddenly received a wage garnishment and were unaware of the NAF process 3. clients who had moved and NAF sent information to the old address then end up with an award or a judgment 4. clients who dispute the amount that the claimant asks and ends up with big judgment

Please PM me with your information if you would like to share your story. If your case fits the criteria of what we are looking for I can put you in touch with the reporter. If anyone has fallen victim to the NAF I would greatly appreciate your contribution!!


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