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DCU - Digital Federal CU - What are they looking for ?

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I cant really answer your question but I got denied for a secured credit card twice within a 2 year span. The Loan officer said that I dont have one single account which is current and OK. She said since all of my accounts are in CO or collections, she cannot grant me a secured visa. She said she would do a shared secured loan though. I got mine and it really increased my credit score by a HUGE margin

Hope that helps

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sorry Grim. I am still a newbie to this forum when it comes to find my own posts.:-)

I was referring to DCU. They report to the CRAs as "Secured Loan". I dont know if its good or not. Guess beggars cant be choosers.

I agree with the other lady. From my own experince with them, I figured that they are not lenient with too many baddies on a CR.

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