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Need # for Chase - seriously #$(*)$(* situation!

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I got a CC from Chase a few months ago - specifically b/c received the 0% offer for 18 months. First payment was due last month at which time I attempted to set up online payment option. Could not get it to work so I called them and spent 25 minutes on the phone with a rep who helped me set it up. Now I have all my cc's set up online for payments and have NEVER had a problem. I always use my debit check card and have been paying online with it for years. Needless to say it asks me for my info and also the checking account routing # which I thought odd but I input all the info. It processed said account valid and then I proceeded to make the payment. Lo and behold I get a letter from them today stating that my payment from them had been returned based on the fact that my account was invalid. So I immediately called and asked what the problem was and they told me that I owed 2 months worth and was considered past due and that my 0% interest rate was no longer valid due to the terms of the card and me being late. I made the payment online on Oct. 25th and the letter they sent me was dated Oct. 30th (but I didn't get it until today). Needless to say - the $ was in my account when I checked with my bank and my bank stated that nothing had gone through from them in terms of a payment.

So I called Chase back to discuss and the CSR told me that what happened is I had input my Visa Check Card and not my Checking Account # and the system does NOT accept Visa Check Cards. I then asked why did it process my payment then if it did not accept a Visa Check Card? They said it happens often and that he would send me over to the Internet Dept and we could resolve it. I then get some chump in the Internet Dept who tells me that the system canNOT differentiate b/w a check card and checking account so sorry but the only thing they could do was remove the late fee but once the payment is processed and goes through the system and is returmed it is considered late. I ask him to transfer me to the Payment Department to resolve this issue and tell him that "if their system does NOT differentiate b/w the two why aren't the consumers notified of that when registering online?". Instead they wait a week to make sure you are really overdue and then stick you with a late pmt and hike up your interest rate and let you know that you are late. He said that there is nothing wrong with the system - they are working on fixing it so it can tell the difference but there is nothing that can be done and even if he transferred me he there is nothing anyone can do about my interest rate going up b/c I was late.

AHHHHH! At any rate - I hung up with the guy and told him thanks but obviously he is NOT the person who can help me and I would call back tomorrow.

Does anyone out there have a number or know the right Department I should be calling? Is it just me or is this TOTAL BS??? Someone please give me a # so I can call and get this thing straightened out tomorrow (or better yet give them a piece of my mind)! Evil or Very Mad

Sorry for the long winded email but just wanted the story to be clear so everyone knows what I'm up against.

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More proof that banks do what they can to put people into penalty APR's and defaults on purpose. Either messing up on internet based payments or dropping mailed in checks on the floor and not posting them to your account for 2-3 weeks later to ensure that you are late.

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