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does anyone know what cc pull from TU only?

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They don't appear to go solely on score. I got a $250 CL with a 5-yr-old BK7, no lates since and 687 FICO... while someone else here got $1000 with a lower score and much more recent BK. It's a crapshoot, really. With no BK you should be good to go, standard "OK for a card" these days seems to be over 620.

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It through State Farm Bank. I think when SF bank was originally taking off they may have been going through HH and SF Bank did the servicing but I am almost certain it is all SF Bank now. Good stuff :)

SF Bank can be picky with their credit cards but there are some advantages to SF Bank:

1. the car loans can be competitive, even in the worst tier I have saved some of my customers a hundred bucks a month cause they were financed at 18 percent or so and they aren't loaded with fees like some of the others are

2. Their deposit products are competitive because there is no overhead

3. SF ALWAYS will service the loans, you don't have to worry about your loan being sold and having to deal with that because even if it is sold, SF sticks with the servicing.

Ok... there is more but I feel like I am turning into an infomercial.

The only thing I don't like about SF bank is that if you don't have direct deposit, their checking accounts aren't much fun.

So.. look into it.. ya never know :)

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miracle: Agreed on the hassle of non-DD. Luckily I only have a savings account with SFB, and just mail in my quarterly profit sharing check from $DAYJOB .. granted we didn't turn a profit last quarter.

And for anyone who cares, I didn't bother with platinum rewards - it's 10% of your interest charges going towards your policy, and it's about 12-14%. Meanwhile the Good Neighbor is 10.74% - I liked the Good Neighbor one better.

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