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Can someone please scan the back of a Sherman letter for me


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None of the Sherman letters I got. I do know that Sherman says they placed the account with Alegis. And I do knoow that Alegis Group is also Redline Recovery. I know that Frederick J Hanna and Assoc. and LVNV are the same. I had to challenge them through the AGO's office. After doing so they complied to remove the Trade Line from my CRA's.

I am still having problems with Sherman though so any info you get please post. Good luck and I am sorry I could not help more.

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Here is a link to some info about them.


LVNV, Funding, LLC, Alegis Group, LP and Resurgent Capital Services are subsidiaries of Sherman Financial Group, LLC

Other Offices:

450 Lexington Ave.

New York, NY 10017

Phone: (212) 922-1616

Fax: (212) 661-1316

Frank Samuel Russo, President, and COO & Head Debt Collector!

9700 Richmond Ave Ste 160

Houston, Texas 77042

Phone: (713) 784-4060

Fax: 713-783-9837

National Enterprise Systems

29125 Solon Rd.

Solon, OH 44139-3442

Bud Says...


"Alegis Group LP was created in July 1992 is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sherman Financial Group LLC"

Talk about a sham, this is the new Enron scam of the century. A Houston debt collection agency called Alegis purchased portfolio's of 'charged-off' debts from various banks (i.e. MasterCard, Visa, Discover, etc.) for approximately 4-6¢ on the dollar. Then, like a Las Vegas high roller, is gambling that their 'goons' can convince (i.e. threaten intimidate, harass) debtors to pay up, based on their highly inflated figures.

Sherman is Alegis, Alegis is Sherman, even with the branch office they opened in Greenville, SC. The main factor in dealing with a 'Scavenger Debt Buyer's' (SDB), that will work in your favor is to DISPUTE all accounts within the first thirty days of receiving written notice.

Sherman/Alegis (SDB) is owned and run by these high stakes gamblers:

Frank Russo, President and COO, Houston (Now with Penta Group in Houston)

Richard Dunn, Senior Vice President, Houston

Bob Collins, Vice President, SC

Send Sherman/Alegis (SDB) a certified letter, making demand for all documentation that substantiates their claim. Tell them you want to see legal papers that prove they own they debt, who they bought it from and what they paid for it. Ask them to put in writing:


Sherman/Alegis (SDB) likes to farm-out their dirty collection work to other debt collectors. This makes it all the more confusing as to who is in control and what is going on. Like all gamblers, Sherman/Alegis (SDB) is gambling you will cave in to the demands of the collectors and send them money. This is a HIGHLY profitable 'cash' business.' In my dealings with it, I can only compare it to the drug cartels. They get a product for almost nothing, then gamble they can turn it into a high profit item with very little effort.

IT IS LEGAL, and they CAN report it on your credit files!

Scavenger debt buyers gamble that they can buy low and turn a huge profit. One thing they rarely do is keep the paperwork associated with the accounts. You see, that would involve too much expense, like hiring a staff to handle it and pay for storage. Instead, they have little more than a computer screen print-out available for validation. That print-out is all they get from the original owner of the debt.

Consumers and lawyers who take on these gamblers should ALWAYS demand written verification of any debt, claimed owed, by these scavenger debt buyers.

Sherman Acquisitions/Alegis (SDB) is chasing the 'fast-buck' empowered by the thinking that they can out smart the consumer. Well, let's teach these greedy, gamblers and opportunists that the laws can slow them down and put the brakes on their fast cash scams. Send the legal notices, tape their calls (where legal) and contact me for referral to a local consumer law professional in your area. Scavenger debt buyers, debt collectors and other scammers can be held accountable for their actions.


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