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I'm searching for a personal loan in the range of 5K to 10K. There isn't a credit union in my area. my credit scores are TU--659,EQ--661,EX--657.

I do have some debt. I know Beneficial,Citi,Wells Fargo offers these types of loans...Will I be able to qualify? What credit report do these lenders use for Michigan?

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Obviously, the higher your score, the better of rates that you can obtain.

But every lending institution is different.

Banks tend to cater to the prime and super prime customers. Credit unions don’t mind upper level sub prime customers like you and they are still willing to give you decent rates.

What you ought to do is call up the credit union or bank and ask them outright.

I did. And I called like a dozen credit unions and banks in my area and I asked them outright. Ask to speak to someone in their loan department and make sure that it is someone who actually does work with the loans instead of a rep that just takes information over the phone.

Ask them which credit bureaus do you use to check my credit?

Tell them what your credit score is and tell them how much debt that you have in your credit report (which is different than total debt that doesn’t show up on your credit report).

They ought to be able to tell you right off where you stand.

And most importantly, you got to be willing to call up banks and credit unions and talk to their loan departments. The information you find here is fine but the best info comes directly from those lending institutions.

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