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Has anyone had any experience with these CA and DV Letters?


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This is what I have accomplished so far with the following:

I have sent DV Letters to:

Allied Interstate - CMRRR


Credit Management Control - CMRRR

Credit Svc of Logan - CMRRR

Credit Sve of Logan - CMRRR (Seperate Account)

Knight Adj - CMRRR (Apartment Lease)

Bonneville Collections - CMRRR

Bonneville Collections - CMRRR (Seperate Account)

Credit World - CMRRR

I have not received any of the "Green Cards" as of 11/10/05. Which only mailed them 5 days agos.

Today per the "FLOW CHART" I have filed a dispute with TU on the ground of they "ARE NOT MY ACCOUNT".

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I know how people may feel about the accounts that I have been approved for due to high fees, but in my case this is a plus.

Orchard Bank - Approved 300

First Premier - 250

Bank of Commerce - 1000.00 Loan (5.3%) Secured w/ 1000.00 CD (4 %)

First National Bank of Sallisaw - 1000 Loan (6.0 %) Secured w/ 1000.00 CD (2.72%)

American Heritage Bank - 1000.00 Loan (5 %) Secured w/1000 CD. (3.0 %)

The Bank loans really were easy to get. I just kept using the same 1000.00 dollars I had saved. What helped me out a lot was that my Grandma and Grandpa bank at First National, and my Mom and Dad bank at American Heritage. I did not mention that I had received a loan from the each previous bank. American Heritage and Bank of Commerce did not even pull a credit report. I bank at Bank of Commerce though and have since I was 18.

An item I forgot and is crucial is if you choose to get the loan types that I have you need to be in a position to make the monthly payments.

It seems that this credit score issue may be on it way back up. WOOHOO!

And all of this started because I wanted to finance my orthodontics.

Soon I will have Great Credit and Straight Teeth.

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