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Juniper Bank - "we need more time" message

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This is what I got as a reply:

Thank you for your recent application for our Juniper Bank product(s).

We regret that we're unable to approve you for a Juniper Bank Credit Card account due to the following:

In order for us to proceed with your application we need you to provide additional information. A letter requesting additional information has been sent to you via the mail. If we do not receive the information from you within 30 days of the date of that letter, your application will be considered withdrawn.

For assistance with any other questions regarding this letter, please contact us at:

Juniper Bank

P.O. Box 8828

Wilmington, DE 19899-8828

Web Site: www.Juniper.com


Credit Services

Juniper Bank

What do you think they are looking for?

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:D Congrats on the approval, Carnival is one of the easiest Juniper accts. to obtain. I have posted some websites in prior post about Juniper accts. and again here are some:



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