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Do letters from CA require dates?

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I've noticed that most of the collection letters I received are not dated. I eep the envelope because it has a postmark date that I hope can establish a date fo rthe letter.

Neither the FDCPA nor FCRA does not explicitly state a letter most be dated, but dates are important. Is there an implicit violation if the CA letter is not dated?

If I need to use the letter in court will the envelope's postmark do for establishing a date for the letter?

I am not suing anyone just making sure my paperwork is sufficient if I need to.

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Based on your reply it is not enough to keep the original envelope and may be more trouble than its worth to argue any point that relies on the date of a CA's original letter.

Why do we need to start DV process within 30 days of the CA's first letter?

Here is the 'What-If' scenario I was considering.

The CA received the initial letter of the DV process. Becuase the CA letter that triggered the DV process was not dated the CA can claim that the DV letter arrived after 30 days of the CA's letter.

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Thanks guys I'm maintaining a communications log which contains

the date marked on the item and

the date I received the item

or (In the case of my sending something)

the date marked on the item and

the date I sent the item.

Like I said, I'm doing this just in case legal proceedings are necessary

More procedural questions will follow. :?

Thanks Guys.

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