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Utility Bill sent to wrong name, not rec'd. they say too bad


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After I moved from CA I rec'd a utility bill a year later. I promptly paid it wondering why they took so long to send it to me. They say they had been sending it for a year. I said you were not.

After contacting the CA PUC I found out they sent the bill to my husband bc he called to shut off the service. I had also called to shut off the service but they have NO record of that call...just his call the day we moved out saying "It's going to be shut off, right?" (we wanted to make sure we weren't paying for the new owners).

Trouble is the utility was in my name and we don't have the same last name. PUC says too bad. PG&E says too bad

So I opened the account in the name Mary Jones. My husband is John Smith. John calls to shut off...they send bill to John Jones c/o new address. Does not come for almost a year (and I can't explain that unless the postal carrier just figured out one day that John Jones must mean John Smith).

Both PG&E and PUC say this is a clerical error that does not count as any kind of credit violation. They say the bills were sent and they have no obligation to ensure they were received and that I obviously received it EVENTUALLY.

I have no idea why they would send the bill in his name when I was the only authorized person on the account. BUT the credit ding (paid after collection) is on BOTH our credit reports (they found out his RIGHT name after all).

I'm wondering if there is any recourse.

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