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Are Experian's procedures are disjoint


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On 10/05/2005, I disputed (online) a TL on my CR with EX. I was listed as an AU. Simultaneously, I contacted the OC who didn't find me as an AU any account matching the information on my EX CR. EX's website states that it should be removed. http://www.experian.com/ask_max/max060105b.html.

On 10/09/2005, I received the standard EX Outcome report stating the outcome was the TL remains. Today, 30 days later, I went to the Experian website to dispute again and the TL is gone!

Is there a disconnect between EX disputes through the mail and those online and the results reporting process?

If so, can this be exploited to remove some of the more difficult TL's. The argument might be along the lines of Procedural Error.

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