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received letters from two CA


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I have been with CCCS for the past 2 1/2 years and until just within the last few months, have been making steady payments. At the first of this month, I received two CA letters with no warning at all from the creditors.

1) Capital One -- balance on the account is only $37!!

2) Wal-Mart -- balance for about $500

I think it is ridiculous that Capital One would turn over a $35 account to collections when 2 more payments through CCCS would have paid it off. I would have done it myself, but CCCS has regulations about paying directly to credit card companies. If I pay the $35 directly to Capital One, could I respond to the CA that it has been paid??? How can I get/keep collections off my credit report.

Wal-Mart called me personally to set up a payment over the phone. That very same day I received a letter from a CA regarding the account. What should I do? Contact Wal-Mart and complain? Respond to the CA saying that the amount is incorrect? I've also thought about trying to settle the account through a debt settlement firm.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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