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Im really upset Now!


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Well I was soo happy when i found out the other day that all my hard work had been paying off.

MyFIco: TU 640


EX- 618.

I thought I would keep working on them, but everything I heard they take the middle. So i thought i would go out to realtor.com and snoop around..... Well I cant afford anything higher than 90K loan...

i AM SO DEPRESSED. I was looking for something with atleast 1/2 acre with it. Unless you want to live in CRACK TOWN.... there is NOTHING under 140K. And I dont even live in 'suburb" or whatever, i live out in the country...Not even by a major city or Nothing.

Of Course, there are so REALLY NICE Manufactured homes on land, but NOBODY will finance me. Who the hell has 20K to put down as a down payment.

I mean they say those are geared towards the low income, well how the hell do they get financed unless its FHA huh? I cant figure that b/c they are EVERYWHERE around here. And i would live in one and be quite happy, there is 1 acre and a nice one for 66K. and that would put my payments about right where I wanna be, buT NOBODY WILL TOUCH ME -- this crap sucks!

I cant even get a dang mobile home-- much less a regular house... And dont tell me to 'keep looking' i searched the whole freagin' county--

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