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Help with Stubborn CA


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In Sept. I posted for some help with one of my CA's. I have been making monthly payments to this CA (asset accept.) since late 2003. The original debt was $1536.00 and asset is coming after me for $1793.00. I have made over $1000.00 in payments (before finding this site.) In Sept. I sent them a letter requesting a payment history from them and a balance owed. I sent he letter CMRRR. They received the letter at the end of Sept. I closed my acct. they were debiting the money from. To date I have not heard anything from them regarding my letter. Well as part as a routine pull of my CR I found that on Equifax they noted unable to locate consumer. And their balnce is about $300 off what I believe.

I contacted the OC to find out info as to when the account went deliiquent and was told they sent all their info to Asset. They have no record and culd not even send me a copy of a statement.

I have prepared a DV letter to send to Asset. I last spoke with them in July to try to settle the account. I did not agree to the amount they offered to settle. I told the rep that I may consider stoping the debts and she told me it would not be in my best interest to do so. Any advice??? I have bank statements to show all payments made which equals over $1200.00.

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