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In August I DV'd arrow financial and medical revenue service. After 60 days I sent them another letter after getting no responce from either(except a bill from medical revenue) telling them they had five days to delete the TLs or Id seek other remedies because they both were updating to the CRAs. I also quoted Texas finance Code Chptr 392.202. Well today I recieved an email from the law offices of Dean Molone that they sent out a representation and fee agreement along with other documents yesterday!! So Im guessing that they took my case? I was wondering if anyone can tell me how this works, the process and all. What kind of timeframe am I looking at to have this all finished? I just wonder if Ill get any $$, lol. Really I just want to make their lives as bad as theyve made mine and others that might not know that they cant get away with this crap. Any imput will be appreciated xdancex . All I can say over and over CMRR, CMRR everything!

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