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A Question I am sure has never been asked on here...


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I have been repairing Dh and my own credit.

Dh is almost great now ( only 1 more baddie ) and he has gotten about 5 new charghe cards, bought us a house and still trying to get that last baddie off)

Me : I still have 4-5 baddies so mine is not that good..

a long time ago I have let a Target & JC Penney ( and a few more ) cards go bad and I never paid them. Well it has been over 7 years and they are now off of my report... So I am not worried about them any longer..

Now to my question..

My Dh has gotten a target and jcpenney card..

Can He put me as an AU on his and it be okay or will they see that I owed them in the past and never paid and then take his cards away???

I need the + credit on mine if I can get it but if it is going to make his look bad I will not bother..

Any input would be helpful.. Thanks

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