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Need help I'm a newbie...


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Hi all

I am new here but have been lookin in on your great site and great people here that help eachother out.. :)

My problem is I have received my CR from ER and TU(also joined truecredit), and it says I have a bank of america card opened 12/2000 and reported on 11/04 Collection/Chargeoff showing on TU and EQ. I never had a BOA card :( . Well I live at home with mom (no not in the basement :D ) I am moving in to my new townhome in 10/06. Anyway my parents are divorced and we get a CA letter from Asset Acceptance LLC in my fathers name (his first name and my middle name are the same) that he has a BOA card bill for$3500.00 or so and it is the same account# as on my CR. So they messed up on our names. What do I do from here? DV to CA? I am lost this is my first step and first long question to you guys , I have alot more xcoffx Thanks in advance ^KARMAKID^

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