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Notice of exemptions


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Well, I have a judgement and now I have been served with a notice of exemptions. I have some questions about how to put things on this notice.

FYI, I live in NC, was properly served and lost the case because it was a valid debt. Also, I have no non-exmept assets. I have a non-residential trailer and a car but owe more than I could get for them.

1) How do I differentiate between what is mine and what is my wife's?

2) Do I need to list things secured by debt but owe more than the fair market value?

3) Do I need to list every item or can I summarize?

ex. furniture 2000.00 or list every item and its FMV.

4) Just got some furniture on credit but my wife pays the bill - how should I list this? It says any property purchased within 90 days are not exempt.

Also, what will happen after I submit my exemptions.

Thanks for your replies.


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