trying to get my CHOD together....hehe....

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I'm relatively new in trying to clean up my credit I have a few questions.....

I want to take advantage of CHOD, but I am not sure about how to write the dispute letter and whether I should DV some of these things....HELP!!

NCO (Verizon bill) $24 Verizon made a mistake when signing me up with phone plan, overcharged me and supposedly fixed the problem, however, they claim I owe them $24….

Judgement (Citibank / Forster & Garbus) – Settled this judgement…..they vacated it, it shows up as a judgement

Citibank – shows up as in collections…..same debt that judgement was vacated....want it deleted....

Capital 1 – DVed them and they didn’t properly validate debt was mine....just sent me a letter stating they gave me evidence but there was not evidence included in the letter....should I DV them again while I dispute with CRAs??

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

This site is GREAT, by the way....

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