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How they collect information


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Hello all

First I would like to say "THESE BOARDS ARE GREAT!" Many thanks to the people running them and to all those who contribute. :)

My question are...

1. How do CA's collect information on you and what are the ways to make it difficult for them to get more or any info.

2. If I was to get my credit report would the CA's know that I am?

3. Would it wake old sleeping CA's?

4.What are things that you might do that could wake sleeping CA's?

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Thanks for the replys.

Thats great to hear that they will not know if I get my credit report (some other site mentioned they could) I figured I was safe.

I dont plan on applying for credit or anything soon so I am safe there. If I am correct I should pass SOL on all my accounts by early next year and I will be safe to start trying to clear up my bad stuff. :)

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They look in places you would never suspect such as Classmates, credit reports, court filings, etc. About the only way to prevent them from getting more [information] would be to either kill yourself or relocate to a third world nation!

Just go off the Grid..

1. Close all your accounts

2. Toss your cell phone

3. Sell your car and do not renew your DL (outdated DL is fine for ID)

4. Get rid of your phone, use only public phones or disposable CP.

5. Pay for everything in cash

6. Work under the table jobs

7. Steer clear of Pigs/Smokies/Bears/and the fuss

8. Move to Mexico

9. Become destitute

10. Kill yourself... but survive - just don't tell anyone... tis a tad illegal though.

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I'm not sure that you can really hide. Remember though, it's not as if they are totally absorbed in finding info on just you. They have a lot of accoutns to deal with and I would say they will be more likely to go after the easier ones, so that they can make that commission/quota/or whatever.

So, just don't make it easy for them. I'd say the most important thing is not to apply for any new credit. That's #1!!!!!!. Be careful about the info you post on credit boards.

If you happen to relocate, don't put a change of address in with the post office. Call your friends and give them your new info.

Little things, just use good common sense. If you are avoiding a very large debt, then, of course, they are going to put more time and effort into finding you. If they really want to find you, they eventually will. Soooo, be prepared to be found. Have a plan of action. Legally protect your assets.

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