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Ok What is the best?

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I am new to this and want to find out the best report to get from the 3 majors.

I live in Florida and i thought that I could get a free credit report once a year under the new law. I went to transunion and they only offer 3 different reports "snapshot, Complete, Unlimited" other than that they direct you to sights that give a 3 in one report.

I have been told that getting a report from each CRA is much better and much more detailed. Can I get one from each for free or do I have to get a 3 in 1 report to get it for free? If I can get each seperate for free can someone list where and how? Thanks a bunch.

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If you've not received a credit report before, or have not received one in quite some time (1 year or more) then go to www.annualcreditreport.com that is the report from all three bureaus that you are entitled to under Federal law (FACTA).


That will give you a start. Read the stickies on here for advice on interpreting the report.

Then I would use www.myfico.com to get your scores if you are interested in them. If you don't need to rebuild or not refinancing or buying a house then I wouldn't worry about scores at the moment.

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Fake site?

What do you mean check my address? My street address is two words but I get mail with it spelled as one word. Is this what you mean? If so How do I know what address they have as my current one and if it is correct unless I pull the report first?

Sry if I am slow. Early morning you know xcoffx:coffeecup:

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