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Question about Asset Acceptance and old SBC Bill


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Alright long story short...

Asset is charging me >15% interest on a old SBC bill.

Debt took place in Indiana.

Indiana law (PUC stuff) allows for 10% for the amount <$3 and 3% for the part >$3 on a delinquent telephone bill.

Does asset need to stick to the law in the state or are they allowed to charge whatever interest they feel like?


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Asset Acceptance... another CA that has a mission to ruin the credit of anyone on their radar.

I contacted them about an account on my CR and they said they no longer held the account and I would need to contact RskMgmt (another CA). RskMgmt said they no longer held the account and I would need to contact Zenith.

When I got a hold of Zenith it took them forever to locate my account and I still have not received a receipt for my payment. Unfortunatley I did all this on the phone (prior to learning about this site) and wish I had used the mail and CMRRR, etc. methods.

None the less... Asset Acceptance has now changed my CR to reflect a new balance of $1 (it was $74 prior to my phone call), and still open, in collection, deregatory. Those pigs! Frick!

I'm now DV'ing and Validating all over their a**es and will get it removed eventually because there are so many things wrong with it.

Anyway - that's my two cents on AAC.

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