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EQ...letter says they deleted, but they didn't...again


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Hey guys,

I disputed some tradelines with Equifax...on Oct 24th I get a letter back with the results and accompanied by a credit report. Results: 2 of 3 deleted!....except on the report with the letter only one was...

I call them. "Oh yes, the Midland account should have been deleted...we'll take care of that." On Oct 31st, receive another results letter and another credit report. Letter tells me Midland has been deleted...except on the report with the letter it ISN'T.

I call them. "Wow, I don't understand it. This account is marked for deletion and should have been. We will get that taken care of". About 4 days later I receive a credit report...no letter this time and, of course, account still not deleted.

I call them. "We are so sorry. My supervisor says she will have to manually delete this and we will get it taken care of...blah blah blah".

This last call was on Monday the 14th. I pull tonight by TrueCredit (the 16th) and of course it remains.

Anyone else been on this viscious cycle. Why would this account prove so hard to "delete" when all the others went away just fine?

Anyone have any insight on the next recommended step? I guess I am going to call Thurs morning and complain again (I have been very patient and polite so far, but my patience is wearing thin).


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