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***Approved for New Name and SSN ==> What do I do now???*

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If a prospective lender does a Social Security DTEC, it is likely that the information contained in the DTEC file will not coincide with what would be commonplace as far as the actual date of issuance, unless the Social Security Administration backdates the date of issuance. And I have no idea if they do that.

From a prospective automotive lender's standpoint, with someone in their late 20's I would run a DTEC to verify some pertinent information. If the Social Security Service has not backdated the issuance date, that could cause some problems. Most of us have social security numbers that were issued many many years ago.

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Its been almost a year and I want to update you guys on how I have established myself. I took advice on this thread and applied for a secured card through HSB. That was in Jan 2006. I was then approved for a card through Capital One, and as of last week I was approved from Bank Of America for a card w/4000.00 limit. All in about 7 months starting from a blank (no)credit file in Jan 2006. No "merges" have occured and so far so good. By the way I voluntary repo'd the car, and the finance company are unable to locate the old me. I have not used my old identity in about a year and I am doing great. New location, New checking, new savings, new credit. No questions have been asked about the date of my SSN being created.

BTW I was diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier this year and had to have surgery but overall my health is doing great. It was completely benign and 100% resected. Just wanted to update you guys as the advice I got on this forum helped me establish my new self and my kids and I are living very happily. Thanks guys!

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