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Deletion letter by CA and CRA received - item still there???


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Hi all,

first ever post, and therefore, thanks a bunch to all here for a lot of useful information!!!

I have a particular question here though.

About three months ago I found an item on my CSC file that is definitely not mine. I disputed and DVed at the same time. On August 30 I receive a letter by Genesis Financial Solutions stating can' t validate, will instruct to delete. On September 30 I received a letter by CSC stating the item could not be verified and is deleted.

Me thinks all is okay. Then I dispute another item and receive the results at October 27th, but, oh wonder, the item that was supposedly deleted a month ago is still there!

So basically I have two letters, one from CA and one from CRA stating an item would be deleted, but now it is still here.

Is this the type of case where I should get some $1000 for FCRA violation? I mean the CA has done what was right, in that they have sent me a letter stating that they'd ask CRAs to delete. But CSC wrote that they would delete and two months after receiving the CA instruct to delete letter the item is still on my report. (On second note, Experian and TU have deleted this item without delay).

Can anyone please advice what I should do next?

Thanks in advance.....


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