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Clairification please


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I was thinking over the initial consultation with the lawyer I am considering and I have an interesting question.

I had asked him what he thought the possibility was that this CA would counter sue me for the debt. He told me that it was always a possibility but he said it was unlikely especially if we bring suit against them. He also said that if they do sue they would do it in my county's court (probably Superior) and that they would have to follow Calif laws and the judge would have to use Calif laws since the CC agreement was signed in Calif. Most judges in AZ are not very familiar with Calif laws so it was unlikely that they would sue. Is that true? Seems kind of weird to me but what do I know :lol:

I am trying to find out if this guy knows what he is talking about. I am already going to talk to him about the 45% he wants to charge but if his knowledge is in question I should probably continue to look elsewhere.

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