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Credit card that pulls Equifax only

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IMO, ThePeacock is right. Your chances of getting anything worthwhile are slim to none. Just keep building your history with what you've got and continue to remove the baddies. Your only 27 points away from 620. I know the urge is killing you, but I think you would be better off to wait. Just my opinion.

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Well the good people of this site has gotten me this far. So I will wait. Ive got a couple of things still in the works. Im at the higher speed bumps now. hopefully if I can get them deleted by the end of the year. Ill be good to go

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I know how you feel. I finally got my equifax score up to about 640 recently. I just couldn't help myself, I had to apply for something prime. Well, I did and still got turned down. The reason, collection/charge-off from 5 years ago. Now I wasted an inquiry but I just had to apply. Just keep at!

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Yeah, you have a chance at something....what is on your report?

car lease (paid, perfect history)

car loan (current, a few 30s but those were 3 years ago)

American Express charge off ($900 but recently paid)

Discover charge off (I settled, Discover will report that)

Bank of America $500 line of credit ($400 utilised, perfect history 10 yrs)

Filenes account, paid and closed

Macys account, paid and closed

AT&T wireless bill in collections $300. Just paid, recently removed.

Experian has a cable bill in collections. I sent Cox cable a check- it still hasn't been cashed.

Experian has a whole bunch of lates for Filenes (Equifax & TR sayseverything was on time). They were paid off in credit counseling. The account was paid and closed at customer's request. I disputed Experian online. They just sent me a letter confirming the item is disputed. I just checked Experian's website. All it says is "Updated." What does that mean?

Experian sucks.

Total amounts: about $5000

Total revolving $1300 (but $900 will show settled so really only $400)

My income is more than 10 times what I owe, more than 3 years with the same job. I don't have a home phone, just a cell phone. I rent an apartment.

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