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I got this letter from TransUnion and unsure what I should do:

Re: Verification Documents not Available

We store information in our records as it is supplied to us by creditors. When information is disputed, we are required to investigate and redcord the current status of the information. We do not provide dispute verfication responses received from creditors. IF you need to obtain documentation or written verification concerning your accounts, then please contact your creditors directly.

Re: General Policy

The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act requires TRansUnion to investigate, free of charge, information on our credit report taht you believe is inaccurate, when you contact us directly with your dispute. Some consumers use the services of credit repair companies or credit clinic to submit disputes on the consumer's behalf. The activited of these companies are regulated by the Federal CRedit REpair Organizations Act, and in some states, by other laws.

IF you have used the services of a credit repair company, and have reason to believe that the fee charged by the credit repair company was too high, and/or it's services were misrepresented,please let us know if you would like your situation to be referred for investigation by filling out and sending us the form below. With your permission, we will provide the information you send to the appropriate authorities. It would also be helpful for you to attach any b rochures or documents you received from the credit repair company.

What the hell is this? How do I respond and how will this effect my disputes? Hs anyone else ever recieved this before? If your reporting something about me how in the hell can't I see what you have about me?

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Now you have to call the CRA and ask them for the method of verification. If the called the OC. Then you have to check with the OC regarding their records. If they dont' have them then you go back to the CRAs and demand they remove the listing.

The full procedure is in the MOV link above or here...


Good luck...

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Again, I said this in another thread somewhere else but I'll say it again... TransUnion is sneaky, or if not sneaky just have idiots working for them.

Careful when disputing items or doing DV's with TU, or any CRA for that matter. I've learned my lesson the hard way by creating multiple and seperate dispute letters for my TL's and they have lumped them all into one. So I received the same letter shown above, then a day later another of the same. The a few days later a letter saying we've received additional info from you regarding your dispute, therefore we have more time to investigate. Wow!

As if this whole thing wasn't already confusing enough! TU doesn't identify on their correspondence letters which dispute they are replying about. It's only when you get the updated report do you find out what the results are.

In short - it will take longer to clean things up but I will take the path of disputing my TL's one by one, making sure each is resolved before giving the CRA an opportunity to confuse the issue. Blah!! @&^!$*^%@!

Equifax has been good about the multiples.

Experian not so great, but not as bad as TU.

TransUnion... enough said.

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