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CA accts.Deleted ,now pops up with new CA..HELP !!!!


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Okay, I need help because I think I found my way out of these collections. First of all I have had CA accounts deleted from my CA but are now showing up from other CAs and they are trying to collect. For example Arrow was tring to collect on a Providian account and I had it deleted but now Midland is trying to collect on it and they did not notify me about this account within 5 days. I have the original collection letter from Arrow and now Midland. Now Palisades is trying to collectv on a deleted account from RMS. My understanding is that they cannot do this without notifying you. I really need some form or template letter to write the CAs stating that they are in violations. I really need instructions on how to deal with this and what i need to send the CAs. Am I in a position to have these accounts deleted and are the CRAs involved in this.Also would I send the new CA the original letter from the first CA to show them that they can't collect on aan account that a CA has already attempted to collect on ? This is the worst thing that could happen to me because I am in the middle of buying a house and Palisades popped up today.Any help is appreciated !!

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