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WHOO-HOO!!! $7,000 CL!!

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Just accepted a pre-approved offer from Providian and got $7,000!! My highest CL since BK7 filed 12/00 (disch. 3/01)!!

Details: 0% APR until 6/06, 8.99% (!!) thereafter, no annual fee. Don't know who they pulled, but I hear it's usually TU in NY... makes sense, since I recently got a bunch of IIB's deleted from my TU--INCLUDING PROVIDIAN!!!!!!! 8-)

So it's bye-bye soon to at least one Crap 1 card (the newest, at 2 yrs old) and maybe Juniper, who still won't increase my limit from $250 after 6 months. I'm going to wait a few months to close these, as I hear Providian takes several months to start reporting.

:?: Advice needed: Should I keep Juniper? Is it considered prime? :?:

So far in the last month:

Providian $7000 no fee

Union Plus $500 no fee

Target Guest $200 no fee

Other cards:

Crap One $3750 (reporting at $3250) no fee

Crap One $2000 (reporting at $1660) $14.50 fee--BYE BYE SOON

Household $2600 $39 fee

Juniper $250 no fee--BYE BYE SOON?

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Hold on, hold on, hold on...

First off, congrats! It feels good to see people doing what they do to get out of their situations and the fruits of their labor.

Now, how in the hell did you get 7K from Providian, but only $500 from Union Plus, and you have an Orchard card with over 5K?

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First thing I did was rolled the second Crap 1 into the 1st so I only have one Crap 1 card now. They combined the CLs (I just don't like having like 7 credit cards open... too many TLs for my tastes) and now I just have the oldest card open. The second one is closed ("paid, closed at consumer's request," supposedly, but I'll keep my eye on that of course).

So now I have one $5750 no fee C1 card that is only reporting $3250. Turns out I wasted a $48 convenience check fee bringing the second card up to $1660 "high credit" a couple of weeks ago. Oh well. I had no idea I'd get this Providian card...stuff happens. I'll do it again if I have to, to bring this card up to $5000 "high credit."

The BT isn't an issue because my balance is only $72. All my CC balances in total only amount to $480. That's one reason I don't want so many TLs open. I probably look like a max-out spree waiting to happen.

So would you keep Juniper?

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