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new bofa visa for me!

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On sunday I decided that I needed a revolving line of credit on my report to help my score. My FICO's were all 629-632. I had 2 paid CO's reporting from cc's and about 6 positive auto loans. I first applied for a card with Juniper online and got the big fat no immediately. Next, I tried for Dell computer and another big, fat no. At this point I was pretty frustrated but I decided to try Crap1 because I desperately need a revolving account. Crap1 also denied me. These were all immediate online denials. I didn't even get the 7-10 day message. I figured all was lost until I read the thread on BofA pre apps. I went to their website, clicked on credit cards, check for pre-apps. Entered name, addy, last 4 of social. Told me that I was pre-approved for 1000. Gave me 3 cards to choose from. I picked the visa gold and hit accept. Entered rest of my personal info and I was off. I figured I would get the big no in the mail. I tried to check my status online but that link doesn't work for this. I check Truecredit every day and there was never a hard pull from BofA. On friday, five days later, my card arrived in the mail. 1000 as promised. No annual fee, 0.0% for six months.

This check for pre-apps is for REAL. Try for yourself. Won't even cost you an inquiry. Thanks everyone for all of the valuable info. I am finally making real progress.

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