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How to deal with those A$$es from A$$et Accepatnce


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Hello all, Im finally in a position to make money and get in a better financial situation, and hopefully in the near future buy a house. Im 25 and most of my bad credit is from agest 18-19. Luckily the SOL is up so I cant be sued. I just want to get rid of old stuff and rebuild.

NOW, I have an old target acct out of SOL and its been about 7 yrs so it should be removed soon. BUT A$$ET is listing the acct as opened only a few years ago (it was 98 or 99!). What can I do to make them list is properly and then remove it? They are lying about the date so they can keep it on there longer~ grrr. I have the same problem with another acct being listed twice as well. thats like 4 negatives for 2 accts.

how do u deal with these A$$es??????

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