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Need EX Higher Up Contact Info

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I originally posted the following message on the Credit Repair board, then realized it might be better addressed here. I'm still having trouble with the search feature, so could someone here help me out?

Well, darn it! For some reason I can't get the search engine to work. I've had tons of trouble with this new hp, so I'll just assume that it needs another kick in the head. Meanwhile, I read somewhere on this site (don't remember just when) that if you aren't getting satisfaction disputing with EX thru the regular snail mail addy, that you could send a letter directly to a higher up...if I remember right, someone posted the president of EX's contact info. Can someone help me out here in locating that info, or any info regarding a name and addy that I can mail an ITS to?

I appreciate any assistance in getting this information.

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